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an interview for the good people at FlyTimes.

SUPREME TOUR: First, tell the readers a little about yourself.

FlyTimes: My name is Tony Davis. I am 24 years and a graduate of the University of South Alabama with a degree in Marketing. Born and raised in Mobile, AL. I am trying to establish myself in this industry that is ever-changing by keeping God first and focusing on my goals.

SUPREME TOUR: When people hear Alabama, the street wear scene doesn’t really come to mind, why did you decide to start a boutique in AL called FlyTimes? Have you always wanted your own boutique?

FlyTimes: I actually was going to drop my own clothing first, then do the boutique later. It was really spur of the moment. One day I sitting around and was like I can do this. I had a partner to begin with but it fell through so I had to step out and do it on my own.  There are only two boutiques in Alabama. Kreative Sole started in and I came up next. We hold the state down together. Alabama is sometimes behind on fashion but I’m trying my best to catch them up. Pretty soon they will be ready. I promise. I am going to bring a change to my city, then to the state.

SUPREME TOUR: What is the meaning behind the name?

FlyTimes: The theme Fly Times was actually based on an old newspaper factory. I was going to go all out. Have a press in the store, old newspapers, mailboxes, etc. Time got short so I went simple.  The paper plane actually turned out to be successful. Sometimes simple is better.

SUPREME TOUR: What’s the difference between Flytimes and other boutiques?

FlyTimes: The difference between Fly Times and other boutiques is my customer service and select accounts. I am always checking Facebook and Twitter and email constantly ready to help people. I don’t mind saying I don’t have It then going to get it. Customer service builds a long-term relationship and that is what I am trying to do. Whenever someone thinks of a boutique I want it to be Fly Times. I also push heavy on the social networks to make sure you remember Fly Times.  I also have a few accounts where I am the  only boutique with an account. Fat Kidz With Cake, NV Euro, Price of Popularity, and UTB Lifestyle (Taylor Gang) are all accounts that you can only find at Fly Times.

SUPREME TOUR: What were some of your inspirations when you designed the inside/outside feel of the boutique? Is there an underlying message that you give through your boutique?

FlyTimes: Man this is crazy, but I designed the store in two weeks. I had no choice. I had a date for the grand opening and already had Wiz Khalifa booked for the grand opening so I had to get it done. Paper planes are so cool to me. No matter how old you are you have once made a paper plane. They will be around forever. My kids will want me to make paper planes and so forth. They have an underlying place in society that people know about. That’s how I want my boutique to be. Everlasting, not to get all the fame, but to last. If I last then I am doing a good job doing what I want to do. Not many people can wake up and love what they do.

SUPREME TOUR: How do you keep everything up and running at such a young age? Have there been any major challenges you’ve come across?

FlyTimes: I can’t even lie its hard. The hardest part is getting people to believe that I actually own my own business. No one in this industry is really my age and actually doing it. Another obstacle is getting my own city to support it. It’s not their fault though. They just do not know the brands. I have to educate as well as sale the items to stay abreast. I keep my faith in God and know this is what I am supposed to be and take it day by day. My parents are my best support team. At first they weren’t really feeling the idea but as the months have gone on they have embraced me and the boutique. I love those two people.

SUPREME TOUR: What brands/labels can shoppers pick up in Flytimes?

FlyTimes: I have 10 Deep, Durkl, RockSmith, Fat Kidz With Cake, Price of Popularity, DTE Threads, UTB Lifestyle, Crooks and Castles, NV Euro, Fli Pelican, Cloudkickers, Diamond Supply, GoodWood, Nooka, G-Shock, Warrior Shoes, Stamp’d LA, Society, Married to the Mob, Purple Cloth, Naked and Famous, Joy Rich, and Hot Air.

SUPREME TOUR: Where do you see flytimes in 5 years, growth wise?

FlyTimes: I see Fly Times having a few more locations. One of the top boutiques in the country. In 5 years I know my city will support so it can only go up from there. Maybe releasing a brand and so forth. Have a foot in all genres of the entertainment and fashion world.

SUPREME TOUR: What are your favorite sneakers,of all time?


  1. Jordan Cool Grey 11s
  2. Chuck Taylors
  3. Nike Deion Sanders Max 96’
  4. Nike Lunar Air 180
  5. Nike SB Dunks

SUPREME TOUR: anything else you want to leave the readers with?

FlyTimes: Stay Fly.. It’s a Fly$tyle. Don’t dress to look like someone else. Dress in what you are comfortable and be yourself.

Check the online store

Fly Times Boutique. 3700 Government Blvd. Building C. Mobile, AL 36693





the streets are now luxurious.

A proper introduction is necessary when you take a hiatus, we did not take a hiatus for nothing though. When your team of brothers are evolving  a brand into something bigger than fashion itself, sometimes you have to fall back from the scene and put your focus on the evolvement that is at hand. I hope you tour with us to see the evolvement and progress that is occurring. I couldn’t do this without my brother, Brandon Crenshaw; the head designer of Supreme Tour.

The Streets are now luxurious. This bold statement defines the representation of Supreme Tour. We are now a luxury streetwear brand that produces exclusive high quality garments for every culture to find their own personal style through. If you have been following the streetwear scene you will know that streetwear consists of these classic essentials; a pair of original jordans, raw denim jeans, graphic tees, a NewEra fitted cap, and hoodies. Every fashionable person knows that style has a certain cycle that it goes through. Styles change everyday. Streetwear has been transformed into something more; mixing the classic american style, with the streets. The most popular shoes have been traded for the classic boat shoe, and the tees that was once popular in streetwear have been replaced with a classic Oxford shirt. But what about the streetwear consumer that refuses to transition into this new cycle? No worries. This is where Supreme Tour comes in and plays a helpful role to your style. By giving streetwear a touch of class, but still using the traditional streetwear garments that have pass down throughout streetwear style history. Sometimes a touch of class is in order. No disrespect to the O.G.  streetwear designers though.

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