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” those hoop dreams was only live for a minute.”

(To the loyal reader that read this, I didnt even want to wake up this morning. I was having a classic dream of me being in some sort of magazine showcasing my clothing line. Is it a sign from God, the higher power?.. Hope it is. Ima work towards this.)

To be honest, I wanted to do another post instead of this one but, I couldnt find any good pictures of the movie, Above the Rim.So this movie you see below is a fill-in, but it stills does the job for me. Two reasons why im doing this; getting into the mindset for the fall/winter collection, and it brings back memories on what me and friends use to do and just started back doing. Playing basketball.

Growing up, basketball was the biggest part of my life. The first time I was introduced to that circular object and the love for the game was at 2 years old by my mother. ( Hold on for a minute, thoughts and emotions are running through me right now, not to sound soft. ) After this small introduction i fell in love with it. My mother saw something in me at a early age that i couldnt see my self, that i had skills. by this, she made it her duty to make me this best around. Camps. Her own team. Put me on the best teams. Had me around other good players. She played me 1 on 1. Things that a good mother should do, since i didnt have a father to do this with. There’s no hard feelings or tears for this, everything happens for a reason. Gave me a chance to be my own man. Getting into the mind frame of a basketball player later came the next level. The 96′ 3 on 3 basketball tournments of downtown little rock called, HoopFest. Hoopfest use to be popping! If you participated you know what i mean! But, yeah. Where do I start from? It was like a feeling, more like a vibe of the whole atmosphere. Best of the best. Original Jordans. Hoopfest tank tops. Basketball shorts. Sun. And 6 people playing for bragging rights, and trophies. Just Like in White Men Can’t Jump. (Why doesn’t arkansas do anything like this anymore, really do anything anymore?)

The last level was AAU. I played for my uncle “Turk” from the Bronx basketball team. The Rockets. Oh man, this is an experience that could never slip my thoughts. These were the best times in my life. The team i was on we all had chemistry on the court, we knew each others weakness and Strong’s on the court making us succeed in all the national tournaments. Straying away from the more serious approach. The fun times we had were mostly on the van, traveling and when we were in the hotels. We where in Kansas right and we had a game in the morning i think ,but we decided to sneak and goto the pool downstairs to meet these girls that we meet in the lobby earlier that day. Coach was waiting on us in the gym the next morning, ready to run us! After my uncle/coach died, basketball seem to had left my soul at the time. I gave up. He taught me the real game of basketball, the art of it. Felt like it was nothing after this, like it was no point now. A good dude.. For some unknown reason, recently basketball has came back into my life. This is what was missing out of my life. Im complete now, like happier now.. just feel good in my skin. Who is responsible for this?..


Now, for the second part. Fall inspiration.

White men cant jump, to me was the most classic basketball movie other than Above the Rim. It catches the whole feel of what i stated about the 96′ hoopfest. And its giving me inspiration for the fall collection im designing. I havent really decided on what ima do, as of know. But, i can tell you this though, im getting my whole design mind frame the 90’s culture. Movies. music. Art. Starter jackets. Jordans. The reason why im doing this mind frame is because i was talking with the owner of rock city kicks sneaker boutique, he said i could be in his store if i bring him 4 new designs. So im taking risk to bring you the fall collection. Good things coming your way. Stay tune..


what happened to boxing?

I can sit back and think on the days when I would watch classic boxing matches from; Ali all the way to Tyson.. ahh these were the days.

The reason why I like classic boxing better than todays boxing is because, boxers from  the 70’s threw the 90’s were fighting because thats what they loved, it was a passion for them. And plus it was real deal fights being took place. I cant say todays boxers dont have passion for the sport, but i can say that their boxing reasons are totally different from the classic boxers. Now a days people do things for the money.. to see how much earnings one can receive. And this isn’t their fault at all, this is what society has planted in their minds. Trust me I know, a person needs money to survive in this cold world( but its beautiful at the same time ) but when you do things cause you love them and thats what you are put here for, the money will come. I could be wrong…

Classic boxers didn’t fight for the big mansions and diamonds, they fought cause they didnt have anything better to do in the places they were born in to. They fought for a specific purpose,  they had something to prove and they wanted to get recognized for it. Of course they had tons of earnings, but that wasn’t their main focus.

Take Ali for instance, he discovered his talent for boxing through an odd twist of fate. His bike was stolen, and Ali told a police officer, Joe Martin, that he wanted to beat up the thief. Ali started working with Martin to learn how to box, and soon began his boxing career. In his first amateur bout in 1954, he won the fight by split decision. I can’t relate on the bike situation, but i can relate to turning something negative into a positive situation though.


If Ali did brag about something, it wasn’t anything material. Often referring to himself as “the greatest,” Ali was not afraid to sing his own praises. He was known for boasting about his skills before a fight and for his colorful descriptions and phrases. In one of his more famously quoted descriptions, Ali told reporters that he could “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” in the boxing ring.. this what you brag on if you want to brag on something.


Mike Tyson, he started different from Ali. Tyson, small and shy, was often the target of bullying. To combat this, young Michael began developing his own style of street fighting, and graduated from this to criminal activity. His gang, known as the Jolly Stompers, assigned him to clean out cash registers while older members held victims at gunpoint. He was only 11 at the time. He frequently ran into trouble with police over his petty criminal activities, and by the age of 13 he had been arrested more than 30 times. He was in a lot of trouble but look what he has become over these years.

Tyson’s bad behavior landed him in the Tryon School for Boys, a reform school in upstate New York. At Tryon, Tyson met counselor Bob Stewart, who had been an amateur boxing champion. Tyson wanted Stewart to teach him how to use his fists. He also became determined to learn everything he could about boxing, often slipping out of bed after curfew to practice punches in the dark.

In conclusion, I leave you with this, just because you have had a bad situation, don’t get down on your self have hope and turn that situation into a good one. Your decisions make your



the purple and yellow victory.

I’m not the one to say I told you so, but I did state that the LA Lakers would win the NBA championship this year. Once again I’m not a lakers fan, but number 24 was unstoppable during the playoffs.. alot of people did not want to see Kobe find his victory in the playoffs but you have to give respect where it is due.

The respect has been giving to Kobe threw his documentary that Spike Lee shot and directed.. his crew had like 50 cameras on Kobe.

This post wouldn’t be complete or even right with out embedding a cienmatic collage of  Julius (Dr. J) Erving. Looking back on some of these clips they bring back alot of memories. You know when you were a kid, on Saturday mornings you would watch cartoons? Well, readers my Saturday morning cartoons were old recorded video tapes that my cousin had taped of Dr. J. I wasn’t your average kid growing up and that’s how I am still today.. now I’m just a non-average young man.

Kobe has nothing on this man.. not even close. Don’t get me wrong Kobe is good but he can’t even be compared to Dr. J, sorry.

thank you, -Drake


ok… i’m rolling with the lakers!

I hate to write this, but I’m going with the Lakers this year. I’m really not a die hard Lakers fan, because my team is The Boston Celtics, which didn’t make out of their series. I choose LA because, overall they’re the better team and plus they have something to prove this year. Let your eyes be introduced to this vintage Laker portrait.


Who took the place of these two?

Thank you,


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