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a start of something epic…

Have you ever felt a feeling that something that you are planning to do is going to be so huge that you feel it before you even go through with that idea? .. I can vouch for this.

( Wale and Pharrell banging in the background as i type this. )

The Supreme Tour was just an idea back in 2008, I had a feeling about it, but not as big as the feeling that I carry now. I was blessed with a new family member by my good friend Myron(What up Myron!), this blessing is the new family member to the Supreme Tour, Brandon Crenshaw. Welcome to family B! Good things are on the horizon for the two of us. Brandon and i have been conversing for the past two weeks on how to make Supreme Tour bigger and better. I didnt even know this guy, but the first time we discussed fashion and how we both got into the love for fashion our minds both instantly connected on a fashion level. It’s rare to find people who share the same; fashion and business sense as you. Fashion is the new herb, it brings people together as one! so im thankful to have someone in my circle that shares the same driven mental as me. “In order to progress in life period, you need good people to surround yourself with”.

The Supreme Tour is under reconstruction at the moment. I really dont want to speak on the progress, but you cool with me so ill let you in on some classified information.. Supreme Tour is progressing into Cut n Sew garments. We havent forgot the basics that we have instilled in the first  season; simple but bold. Speaking of the first season, I want to personally thank everyone who has supported me and my dreams, it shows me that you believe in me and my vision. So thank you. I hope you are able to stay with me on my journey. 

m copy

Brandon, in all seriousness is a talented individual. Going to school at the Art institute of Atlanta, working in a Atlanta boutique, and still have time to indulge in sewing clothing. Not to mention having side hustles; sewing hand-woven tags for local clothing lines, in progressing of doing his own clothing line with his girlfriend, designing for dillards here in Little Rock, and last, designing clothing for movies. You have to respect this man. I was put here to inspire others but, i cant sit here and lie, im inspired by him. Some of his talent and drive has flew into my soul. Im not saying, im not driven or have a lack of talent all im saying is, it’s a good thing to have people who help motivate you. Because, when you do things on your own, it causes a lot of stress. Trust me, i know. I really dont know much about the young lady that is in the photo above on the right, but this is his girlfriend, she’s talented a lso. I was told she is no rookie on the sewing machine, she can sew anything. So ladies, you’ll have some classic garments to wear as well.





reign supreme.

This supreme life is truthful to me, even for my little cousin. Its meant to be. I really didnt see the meaning behind her ribbon until she sat on my knee, when i did see the meaning it was like this feeling that came through my soul, like the meaning behind this ribbon spoke so loud to me that i couldnt deny it. by this, i had to capture the whole feeling through this portrait.

After waking up from a long friday night, i had to go support my little cousins at their first pageant. Models in the making? I believe so. I never been to a kid’s pagent in my life, no pageant for that matter,  the whole atmosphere was positive but, when i first walked in im looking around, saying to myself, “this is crazy!” because i didnt even know they had things like this for kids. just imagine the Ms. USA pageant but for little kids, crazy right? im talking bout kids with hair pieces on, heavy make-up, and wedding dresses. they were serious too! but, back to my little cousin. this was her first pageant and she did good, so good that she came home with all of the awards in her category! support the kids, they need it. while she was walking towards me leaving the stage with her ribbons around her, the only ribbon that stood out to me was this blue and silver “Supreme Winner” ribbon. dont get me wrong i congratulated her on all of her winnings, but this one was the most important.


The reason why it spoke so loud to me is because, this statement, “Supreme Winner” defines my brand as a whole. We just want to win in life, by being supreme. Erasing failure and losing from our mentality. Being a champion is not just about winning, but for more realistic approach a champion is a person who fights for or defends any person or cause. I wont go in on the previous sentence too much, because it defines itself. The concept behind my brand is being superior, the highest ranked. i know when your eyes read the word superior, you may get the feeling that we’re trying to be higher and better than everyone else and this is not the case. to me, superior means being the best and highest in what WE do, and in our selves. not the world. If we did reign supreme over the world it wouldnt be the human, but our knowledge. “Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone”. creating superior clothing is the main focus, but being superior doesnt just fall under the fashion aspect; being supreme in life, being a superior man, and being a supreme leader is involved with the Supreme Tour. Reign Supreme..

In history, reigning Supreme was embodied with the Kings. Let me try to break this down. We were all descendants of royal egyptian kings and queens, by knowing this, this whole vibe and feeling is helping shape and mold the Supreme Tour into something so deep that one wouldnt realize it until it was brought to their attention.  

Thank you,



all i need is one mic.

Im back like i never left. Finally got around to doing this post, better late than never, right? I havent gave up on you, my focus has been on; college studies, working, and finding inspiration for the fall collection of clothing that i will be producing. Also, i had to clear all the thoughts in my head, to bring in new fresh ideas. I wont converse on this too much but, you’re about to see a new approach to things; thought wise, and design wise. Bumping Bob Marley right now, so you know these words are going to flow in this post!


When it comes to music i listen to all genres but hip hop has to be number 1. the state of hip hop is in need of real artists that take the music seriously. Xzavier does. if you’re unfamiliar with this name, xzavier is the person in the below portrait. i can respect the lyrics that he provides, because his rhymes actually have meaning behind them. whenever i hear a track from him it gives me chills. in my eyes whenever a person gives you chills through his/her music 10 out of 10 times the music is true to them. this is my perspective, but my philosophy could be wrong. I can also respect his grind and determination. Anyone that stays up until 3 in the morning writing and then rapping in his in home studio is grinding for the bigger picture instead of what is in front of him. because the things that are in front of you now, are not the things that determine the outcome of one’s dream.

The reason why i say this is because, i have been through this myself, staying up late just to create designs. putting the big picture in my mind instead of my current state. sometimes you want to give up, but as long as the bigger picture is distilled in your mental, giving up will be erased from your mind frame. Sorry for the detour from the main focus of this post!

m copy

The determination that he has is through the roof. reading books and researching new words just to polish up his vocab, is highly respect from me. It doesnt matter if you’re a rapper or a student in school, if your expanding your vocab, this is a good thing. the more words you know, the more you can say with meaning.

the artists that inspires his music are probably different from other people who writes music, it’s all about finding people who hits the closet to home with you. J.Cole, Pac division, and Blu inspires him to rap the way he does. to me, his sound is more like a mixture between 2PAC, NAS, and soul music; Common, Talib Kweli, and others. He tells stories about what people go through in the streets, he drops knowledge that helps the people open their eyes, and still talks about God in his lyrics. Look out for the: Zae X Supreme Tour mix tape. LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC VIA MYSPACE.

Thank you,



the battle between love and hate.



Love and hate can mean so many different things, but to me love and hate means a battle between good and evil. We all have this battle. I came across this philosophy while i was looking for a design reference for the winter collection. YOU MIGHT SEE A REFERENCE FROM THIS T SHIRT THAT RADIO RAHEEM HAS ON.To be honest, i was blind to the story behind this photo you see above. A regular mind would look at the photo below and see a person with four-fingered rings on that says,” LOVE and HATE “. A deep mind would look at this photo and see a story that is so in depth that person wouldn’t believe it theirselves. But at the end of the day, it’s true. It’s just told through human hands. How do you look at it?..

It took me a while to read between the lines of these four-fingered rings, but i got the story. Here it goes: the story behind these rings are simple, Love is in the right hand. Hate is in the left hand. Is this why we give right hand shakes? if so, beware of the left hand ones. Let me get more in-depth with this philosophy. in life its always a struggle to fight off the evil. One hand is steadily fighting the other, which causes static. this is the philosphy of life. Life is so cool to me, because it’s so much that you can find out about it. A journey of knowledge. Like different theories; however you look at life determines your future. You also can learn that life is a mind thing,  how you play it in your mind is how you live it. I leave you with a quote from the movie:

“Let me tell you the story of “Right Hand, Left Hand.” It’s a tale of good and evil. Hate: It was with this hand that Cane iced his brother. Love: These five fingers, they go straight to the soul of man. The right hand: the hand of love. The story of life is this: Static. One hand is always fighting the other hand; and the left hand is kicking much ass. I mean, it looks like the right hand, Love, is finished. But, hold on, stop the presses, the right hand is coming back. Yeah, he got the left hand on the ropes, now, that’s right. Ooh, it’s the devastating right and Hate is hurt, he’s down. Left-Hand Hate K.O.ed by Love.”

– Radio Raheem, from Spike Lee’s classic “Do The Right Thing”

*Im not here to categorize you, im just here to help you look into things instead of just looking  at them.Everything you see has a meaning behind them. Life. People. Pictures. This computer screen you’re looking at, as some sort of story/message behind it.

Thank you,





come take a look into my mind…

Come take a journey with me into my mind… where do I start from?..

The reason why im doing this clothing is probably deeper than your average up and coming( i dont want to say im a fashion designer, cuz im not. ) lifestyle creator, if you will. When i say lifestyle creator, i mean this; i dont just create certain designs on blank cotton t shirts. I try to give you a lifestyle through these t shirts; a presentation, things i live by just to create collections, capturing the life we live through the best photography, this is what i mean by a lifestyle. the lifestyle is simple, Work hard. Then play harder. These things are probably not clear to you yet, because i havent mastered my vision yet.. give me time to perfect.

Another reason this is deep is because, it give me chance to reach out to people and inspire them. i was always the type to help people, just a giving person. Im figuring out how can i help people through fashion? when i help people or when people; text, call, and tell me, “Drake, i appreciate you helping me see this.” or, “Drake, thank you for inspiring me.” This is what makes my soul happy, this is my fuel to do what i do. (shout out to everyone that have told me that i have helped them, thank you. ) I think GOD is transforming me into a prophet? Like  to spread my story, my message to you. This is in-depth.


To be honest, all of this is surreal to me. if you would have told me ill be creating clothing, and inspiring people, a couple of years ago i wouldnt believe you. Back then i was so lost, i didnt know my purpose on earth. Like the Evil energy had taken my mind and soul, i wasnt my self. I finally found what my soul and life has been craving. I am complete. Everyday is sunny, and bright. I say all of this to say this, every night, GOD speaks to me through my dreams, showing me the blueprint to follow upon with my life and my clothing line. Crazy, right? No, its spiritual. I appreciate this, and love it, because it is giving my soul the happiness it was lacking.

This whole clothing line is bigger than just me, it involves you as well. Im nothing without you. This is a opportunity to open doors, to better lives for everyone thats around me. Im not saying we’re poor, or cant survive. No, im not saying this at all. Actually, we are blessed to have good families, health, nice clothes, shoes, houses, vehicles, and friends. But, life has so much to offer.. the world is huge. And, I want to see it all. I have seen alot; traveled the USA, encountered different types of people, different cultures. Im not complaining at all, but im not blind i know its much more to see. This is what im focused on. And this gives me a chance to quite all stereotypes, stats, and labels of that young African american man my age. This is not an attempt to offend anyone, it’s just reality. SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT.

Once last thing before i go, I dont blog to be cool. This is therapy for me. This my form of journalism. To express myself. To relieve my running thoughts in my mind.

thank you,






” those hoop dreams was only live for a minute.”

(To the loyal reader that read this, I didnt even want to wake up this morning. I was having a classic dream of me being in some sort of magazine showcasing my clothing line. Is it a sign from God, the higher power?.. Hope it is. Ima work towards this.)

To be honest, I wanted to do another post instead of this one but, I couldnt find any good pictures of the movie, Above the Rim.So this movie you see below is a fill-in, but it stills does the job for me. Two reasons why im doing this; getting into the mindset for the fall/winter collection, and it brings back memories on what me and friends use to do and just started back doing. Playing basketball.

Growing up, basketball was the biggest part of my life. The first time I was introduced to that circular object and the love for the game was at 2 years old by my mother. ( Hold on for a minute, thoughts and emotions are running through me right now, not to sound soft. ) After this small introduction i fell in love with it. My mother saw something in me at a early age that i couldnt see my self, that i had skills. by this, she made it her duty to make me this best around. Camps. Her own team. Put me on the best teams. Had me around other good players. She played me 1 on 1. Things that a good mother should do, since i didnt have a father to do this with. There’s no hard feelings or tears for this, everything happens for a reason. Gave me a chance to be my own man. Getting into the mind frame of a basketball player later came the next level. The 96′ 3 on 3 basketball tournments of downtown little rock called, HoopFest. Hoopfest use to be popping! If you participated you know what i mean! But, yeah. Where do I start from? It was like a feeling, more like a vibe of the whole atmosphere. Best of the best. Original Jordans. Hoopfest tank tops. Basketball shorts. Sun. And 6 people playing for bragging rights, and trophies. Just Like in White Men Can’t Jump. (Why doesn’t arkansas do anything like this anymore, really do anything anymore?)

The last level was AAU. I played for my uncle “Turk” from the Bronx basketball team. The Rockets. Oh man, this is an experience that could never slip my thoughts. These were the best times in my life. The team i was on we all had chemistry on the court, we knew each others weakness and Strong’s on the court making us succeed in all the national tournaments. Straying away from the more serious approach. The fun times we had were mostly on the van, traveling and when we were in the hotels. We where in Kansas right and we had a game in the morning i think ,but we decided to sneak and goto the pool downstairs to meet these girls that we meet in the lobby earlier that day. Coach was waiting on us in the gym the next morning, ready to run us! After my uncle/coach died, basketball seem to had left my soul at the time. I gave up. He taught me the real game of basketball, the art of it. Felt like it was nothing after this, like it was no point now. A good dude.. For some unknown reason, recently basketball has came back into my life. This is what was missing out of my life. Im complete now, like happier now.. just feel good in my skin. Who is responsible for this?..


Now, for the second part. Fall inspiration.

White men cant jump, to me was the most classic basketball movie other than Above the Rim. It catches the whole feel of what i stated about the 96′ hoopfest. And its giving me inspiration for the fall collection im designing. I havent really decided on what ima do, as of know. But, i can tell you this though, im getting my whole design mind frame the 90’s culture. Movies. music. Art. Starter jackets. Jordans. The reason why im doing this mind frame is because i was talking with the owner of rock city kicks sneaker boutique, he said i could be in his store if i bring him 4 new designs. So im taking risk to bring you the fall collection. Good things coming your way. Stay tune..


the only reason i got through.

Today started early, and quickly turned busy. Me and Drew had planned to go to this beautiful scenery today to shoot a few pictures and to record a little interview that’s going to be in the video I’m throwing together. THE LOOK BOOK PHOTOS, PHOTOS WE SHOT TODAY, AND THE BEHIND THE SCENES/ MY LIFE STORY WILL BE POSTED ON HERE SHORTLY. Waking up at 8:00 AM, waffles and turkey bacon was the only thing I had to fuel my system. Still feeling tired, I stopped by my local shell  gas station to pick up this drink that I’ve been drinking lately. Arizona Rx Energy Herbal Tonic. This is the only reason I made it through the day.


Thank you,


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