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a king on my neck. a lion on my finger.

I need these gold Egyptian accessories in my presence today. I really never have worn accessories with an outfit of mine.. well not like these. If I do wear accessories it’ll be my earrings, my white G-Shock watch, and my wood beads that I got from Urban Outfitters. Thats it. But, recently with me doing this clothing line, I’m more in-tune with my sense of style and actually putting thoughts behind my specific outfits that i choose to wear. To be honest with you, I’ve never really put thought behind my outfits, i just put on clothing and go out. To me, if you have a good sense of style you dont have think about what you are going to wear, or what goes with what. Because, when you have to think hard on what you want to wear, mostly likely that style isn’t for you. Effortless style. I know i said i was going to put thought behind my outfits and you may say, ” I thought you said you dont think about what you wear or if you have to think to hard about choosing your fit that style isn’t for you?” True. But, im referring to a different thought process of putting fits together. I really cant just tell you that process yet because I havent really just sat back and thought about it on a deep level. When I find out what I exactly want to do, you’ll be the first to know. I was told a fool talks about things he doesnt understand or doesnt know about..

The reason why these gold accessories are appealing to me is because, I can see the vision that this jewelry designer is trying to project threw her pieces and plus I have always been in love with the Egyptian culture. A certain accessory can complement a outfit well. You can have a mediocre fit and add these things below to your fit and make your fit historic. Just imagine me or you walking down the street with king tut around your neck, and a two-finger lion ring on your fingers. Turning heads, right? Yes. I will explain the significance of king tut and the lion later in this post. The person behind these inspiring pieces comes from Japan and is a 21 year old accessory designer. Respect. She has more pieces but these are the ones that caught my eye.


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The significance of King tut. Tutankhamunwas an Egyptian Pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty, during the period of Egyptian history known as the New Kingdom. Tutankhamun was nine years old when he became pharaoh and reigned for approximately ten years. In historical terms, Tutankhamun’s significance stems from his rejection of the radical religious innovations introduced by his predecessor Akhenaten and that his tomb in the Valley of the Kings was discovered by Carter almost completely intact — the most complete Ancient Egyptian royal tomb ever found. As Tutankhamun began his reign at such an early age, his vizier and eventual successor Ay was probably making most of the important political decisions during Tutankhamun’s reign.

100_0148 copy

However, various fateful combinations of factors made King Tut, more fortunate in death than in life, the most famous Egyptian ruler ever. Still, his fabulous tomb, while revealing to us the extent of the wealth and beauty surrounding the kings of Egypt, tells us nothing much about Tut, himself. The cause of Tutankhamun’s death is unclear, and is still the root of much speculation. In early 2005 the results of a set of CT scans on the mummy were released. The body originally was looked at by Howard Carter’s team in the early 1920s, although they were primarily interested in recovering the jewelry and amulets from the body. To remove these objects from the body, which often were stuck fast by the hardened embalming resins used, Carter’s team cut up the mummy into various pieces: the arms and legs were detached, the torso cut in half and the head was severed. Hot knives were used to remove it from the golden mask to which it was cemented by resin.

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The lion. It is interesting that, during most of the Pharaonic period, lions were relatively few in Egypt, but were at the same time significant to the Pharaonic Egyptians. Today, we know of no wild lions in Egypt. Their number declined steadily as the more lush climate of the prehistoric period faded into the desert climate that most of Egypt knows today, and as the inhabitable land of Egypt became more and more densely populated.  However, it was probably during the prehistoric times that they became a symbol with religious associations. It is likely that the connection between the king and the lion grew from the tribal chiefs hunting these animals. Lions usually lived on the edges of the desert, and so they became known as the guardians of the eastern and western horizons, where the sun rose and set.

100_0148 copy

The most consistent depiction is in keeping with their image of “king of the jungle” or “king of the beasts”, hence lions are popular symbols of royalty and stateliness and a symbol of bravery. The earliest recorded depictions of lions can be found in some of the earliest paleolithic human cave art possibly dating to 32,000 years ago in the Chauvet Cave in the Ardèche region of southern France, where lionesses are depicted hunting for the pride in much the same strategy as contemporary lions. Found first in Ancient Egypt the sphinx, which had the head and shoulders of a human and the body of a lioness, represented the goddess who was the protector of the pharaohs. Later pharaohs were depicted as sphinxes, being thought as the offspring of the deity. Which is somewhat like the picture above to the left.

Didn’t mean to make this a history lesson.

” It Must Be The Pharaohs. He’s in-tune With his Soul.”

Thank you.

– Drake



nevermind me i’m just web surfing!

The weather is sort of rainy outside ..a day that you dont want to do anything but get on the Internet and pass hours of your precious life away!

Fashion designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac bring his penchant for fusion art with the opening of his first solo show entitled Triumph of the Sign at Paradise Row in London.

In Triumph of the Sign, Castelbajac presents a series of paintings that articulate his fascination with, broadly, the tensions and synergies between high art and consumer culture, and most specifically that defining element of contemporary visual culture – the brand logo.


I love how he blends high fashion with high art.


In a process that mirrors the production of mass-consumer goods, Castelbajac commissioned painters in China to perfectly reproduce a series of Western masterpieces, from Bronzino to Manet, and another group to paint logos on the surfaces of the copied masterpieces. The resulting works ironically embrace a flattening of hierarchies, a breakdown of distinctions and an evacuation of content.


(sun)day ritual.

Why does the sun shine the brightest on this day?..

Furthermore, sorry for the lack of post once again, don’t get me wrong I love having my life full, but it seems like I have so much to do in a small amount of time, and the Internet somehow feel at the bottom of the To Do List. But, I will do my best to keep you updated with “classic” post. The school district gave us a thing called spring break( which didn’t feel like a week ) so I took advantage of this break and caught up on some sleep. Don’t get me wrong though, work was still a must. Now, that my break has come to an end it is back to the over priced text books and long nights at work. Before my break ended, I had the pleasure of attending a Little Rock fashion show that was held on Saturday at the Metroplex. To be honest, this was the first time I have attended a “real” fashion show, and I must say, it was a inspiring moment.. just to be in a environment full of people that carry the same passion as yourself. Between me and you, as soon as I gave my ticket to the doorman and walked threw those doors, I felt right at home( like this is were I belong )!

Man, that was a long paragraph. To get to the topic of discussion, every Sunday(that we are free) the good people I surround myself and I find places in the city and capture random pieces of art that catch our creative gene that is embodied in us. As I look back on these photos, every photo has a personal meaning to it, to be honest this wasn’t just happened natural.

Meaning: Under Gods guiding light.


Meaning: Hey You, PSSSST.. RUN HERE NOW. Today !


Meaning: None attended.. just good photography.


Meaning: The Supreme Tour is FIRE!


Meaning: Don’t be afraid to different, Stand out.



wood collector.

It’s amazing to find other artists that are original in this beautiful world that create their work from things that surround them. A good example of my statement is this artist named Henrique Oliveira, Oliveira uses salvaged wood collected from the streets of são paulo to create  massive scale, site-specific installations with dense layers that twist, curve, bend, and split. This shows, creativity comes from the person!



Oliveira uses tapumes, which in portugese can mean fencing, boarding, or enclosure,  as a title for many of his large-scale installations. The term makes reference to the temporary wooden construction fences seen throughout the city of são paulo where oliveira lives.


No one can say he’s not earth friendly.


where did the art go?

No where. For some reason art has been lost on this blog for ages, but now art has found its home.

If you scroll down and read the “never forget were you came” post you will know that I’m in tune with my roots and were I came from. Furthermore, I found this amazing  japan artist, and I must say I respect his work.

As Japanese Pop Art master TAKASHI MURAKAMI’s retrospective “Murakami” show continues on its epic world tour, the grandiose GUGGENHEIM BILBAOmuseum plays host to its latest and most daunting stop to date. Settling into the swooping Frank Gehry-skinned art palace, the show—fresh off its recent stop in Frankfurt, Germany—replicates its general outlay previously established at the initial MoCA LA, and Brooklyn Museum stops, but this time the artist’s epic painted and sculptural works are finally housed in a venue as aesthetically compelling as the whole of Murakami’s oeuvre.

Visuals of the exhibit:


Its 4 o’clock in the morning and I am posting.. dedication!


Secret Wars: Art Battling

Art Battling

Secret wars is sort of like a art battle. However, Secret Wars takes this concept in a different direction as it features two competitors squaring off in a 90 minute art freestyle session. Each contestant is given a huge 20 foot mural with no prior knowledge of themes and must then put something together in an interactive environment as art-lovers look on. No sketch-books are allowed effectively ensuring that this is truly on the spot ingenuity. Winners are determined via a three point system. Two judges as well as a crowd-component measured via a decibel reader are used to determine a winner. The images seen here were taken from an event that took place in London.

I wish I could fly to London to witness this, because this is pure genius.


Avant Garde

Avant Garde was one of the best and most consistent pieces of design in our century. But, it was only Published from 1968 to 1971 it consisted only of 16 issues published by Ralph Ginzburg.So, you cant  find these in your local art store…..


This magazine is made by artists for artists, and believe you will see some ideas from this magazine in the upcoming line. Furthermore, I’m searching on and eBay for the findings of these historical art pieces but I havent ran across any sellers yet. If you can find a person that will sell theirs Iwill greatly appreciate it !




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