a start of something epic…

Have you ever felt a feeling that something that you are planning to do is going to be so huge that you feel it before you even go through with that idea? .. I can vouch for this.

( Wale and Pharrell banging in the background as i type this. )

The Supreme Tour was just an idea back in 2008, I had a feeling about it, but not as big as the feeling that I carry now. I was blessed with a new family member by my good friend Myron(What up Myron!), this blessing is the new family member to the Supreme Tour, Brandon Crenshaw. Welcome to family B! Good things are on the horizon for the two of us. Brandon and i have been conversing for the past two weeks on how to make Supreme Tour bigger and better. I didnt even know this guy, but the first time we discussed fashion and how we both got into the love for fashion our minds both instantly connected on a fashion level. It’s rare to find people who share the same; fashion and business sense as you. Fashion is the new herb, it brings people together as one! so im thankful to have someone in my circle that shares the same driven mental as me. “In order to progress in life period, you need good people to surround yourself with”.

The Supreme Tour is under reconstruction at the moment. I really dont want to speak on the progress, but you cool with me so ill let you in on some classified information.. Supreme Tour is progressing into Cut n Sew garments. We havent forgot the basics that we have instilled in the first  season; simple but bold. Speaking of the first season, I want to personally thank everyone who has supported me and my dreams, it shows me that you believe in me and my vision. So thank you. I hope you are able to stay with me on my journey. 

m copy

Brandon, in all seriousness is a talented individual. Going to school at the Art institute of Atlanta, working in a Atlanta boutique, and still have time to indulge in sewing clothing. Not to mention having side hustles; sewing hand-woven tags for local clothing lines, in progressing of doing his own clothing line with his girlfriend, designing for dillards here in Little Rock, and last, designing clothing for movies. You have to respect this man. I was put here to inspire others but, i cant sit here and lie, im inspired by him. Some of his talent and drive has flew into my soul. Im not saying, im not driven or have a lack of talent all im saying is, it’s a good thing to have people who help motivate you. Because, when you do things on your own, it causes a lot of stress. Trust me, i know. I really dont know much about the young lady that is in the photo above on the right, but this is his girlfriend, she’s talented a lso. I was told she is no rookie on the sewing machine, she can sew anything. So ladies, you’ll have some classic garments to wear as well.





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