all i need is one mic.

Im back like i never left. Finally got around to doing this post, better late than never, right? I havent gave up on you, my focus has been on; college studies, working, and finding inspiration for the fall collection of clothing that i will be producing. Also, i had to clear all the thoughts in my head, to bring in new fresh ideas. I wont converse on this too much but, you’re about to see a new approach to things; thought wise, and design wise. Bumping Bob Marley right now, so you know these words are going to flow in this post!


When it comes to music i listen to all genres but hip hop has to be number 1. the state of hip hop is in need of real artists that take the music seriously. Xzavier does. if you’re unfamiliar with this name, xzavier is the person in the below portrait. i can respect the lyrics that he provides, because his rhymes actually have meaning behind them. whenever i hear a track from him it gives me chills. in my eyes whenever a person gives you chills through his/her music 10 out of 10 times the music is true to them. this is my perspective, but my philosophy could be wrong. I can also respect his grind and determination. Anyone that stays up until 3 in the morning writing and then rapping in his in home studio is grinding for the bigger picture instead of what is in front of him. because the things that are in front of you now, are not the things that determine the outcome of one’s dream.

The reason why i say this is because, i have been through this myself, staying up late just to create designs. putting the big picture in my mind instead of my current state. sometimes you want to give up, but as long as the bigger picture is distilled in your mental, giving up will be erased from your mind frame. Sorry for the detour from the main focus of this post!

m copy

The determination that he has is through the roof. reading books and researching new words just to polish up his vocab, is highly respect from me. It doesnt matter if you’re a rapper or a student in school, if your expanding your vocab, this is a good thing. the more words you know, the more you can say with meaning.

the artists that inspires his music are probably different from other people who writes music, it’s all about finding people who hits the closet to home with you. J.Cole, Pac division, and Blu inspires him to rap the way he does. to me, his sound is more like a mixture between 2PAC, NAS, and soul music; Common, Talib Kweli, and others. He tells stories about what people go through in the streets, he drops knowledge that helps the people open their eyes, and still talks about God in his lyrics. Look out for the: Zae X Supreme Tour mix tape. LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC VIA MYSPACE.

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