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i’d rather be with you

Classic Bootsy Collins.

1991 Bootsy collins and lady Miss kier /dee-lite @ Montreux jazz festival by ladystyllees.

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a transparent mind?

I know this is strange, but yes this is a real fish! I was reading another blog and came across this strange creature and the only question that is in my head right now is, How was this fish created?.. To me this shows that anything is possible in this world.

The barreleye (Macropinna microstoma) has extremely light-sensitive eyes that can rotate within a transparent, fluid-filled shield on its head. The fish’s tubular eyes are capped by bright green lenses. In addition to their amazing “headgear,” barreleyes have a variety of other interesting adaptations to deep-sea life. Their large, flat fins allow them to remain nearly motionless in the water, and to maneuver very precisely (much like MBARI’s ROVs). Their small mouths suggest that they can be very precise and selective in capturing small prey. On the other hand, their digestive systems are very large, which suggests that they can eat a variety of small drifting animals as well as jellies.

Video of this strange creature. WATCH:


say you will.


Kanye West 808s & Heartbreak by carlosjtj.


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all i want to do is say…. thank you.

I am running out the door as I type this. But, I am seeing a lot more readers and a lot more supporters viewing my site and all I wanted to do is  say thank you for taking time out yourbusy schedules to view what randoms things come to my mind! But, on the serious side I DO APPRECIATE YOU ALL COMING AND READING WHAT I HAVE TO SAY.

Sorry for the lack of post, I have been extremly busy with school, work, and just life period. I will do my best to have more post for you.


..but the progress feels the best

Yes it actually does. I look back on when I first had the vision in my mind to create my own clothing line and look were I am at now I have made a lot of progress and learned a lot of things dealing with owning your own business. When I first started out to be honest I didn’t know what I was doing but now I do, this is just the process that you have to go through to get to a certain point that you’re trying to reach. But, I am still learning new things every hour of the day. Its been a long way coming ,but it’s worth the wait.. I just want to take my time so everything can make sense to you all.

This is a preview of the Spring/Summer Collection lookbook that I have been working on lately, I must say the design came out better than I thought it would. I would show you whats inside this “History Book”, but I want everything to be a special suprise for you guys! Sooner or Later you will witness the contents inside and actually have some classic pieces to wear for this HOT! summer.



I say “History Book”, because the whole feel of my line is like, history. The clothes that is presented to you are much more than simple t-shirts, each t-shirt its self tells a story of its own. A lso I dont create clothes to follow the latest trends or whats in, I choose to create something thats new and original.

 Thank you,



Secret Wars: Art Battling

Art Battling

Secret wars is sort of like a art battle. However, Secret Wars takes this concept in a different direction as it features two competitors squaring off in a 90 minute art freestyle session. Each contestant is given a huge 20 foot mural with no prior knowledge of themes and must then put something together in an interactive environment as art-lovers look on. No sketch-books are allowed effectively ensuring that this is truly on the spot ingenuity. Winners are determined via a three point system. Two judges as well as a crowd-component measured via a decibel reader are used to determine a winner. The images seen here were taken from an event that took place in London.

I wish I could fly to London to witness this, because this is pure genius.


a historical impact.

What do you do when you have a sleepless night? Well, I have sleepless nights frequently, it may be because I have a million ideas for the upcoming spring line running threw my mind right now.. who knows. But to get back on the topic of discussion on sleepless nights I surf the web to find sum inspirational findings such as this. Google and LIFE teamed up to put together some amazing photo collections, but I don’t think the project is complete which is good since there will be so many more images in the near future, but some of the stuff in there already is amazing.  Check out brother Muhammad Ali letting Frazier know what the deal is! This more than classic if you ask me.

More of the photo collection click here.

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